Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Important Terms

  • Fill out all details in the request form, in order for us to make payments to the right PayPal account.
  • Being a CoinLedger affiliate means that you refer new people to purchase a tax report on the CoinLedger website, with the usage of your personal affiliate link. The 25% commission will be paid over each report purchased by the referred customer.
  • Payment details need to be filled in correctly. Any wrong payments made because of incorrectly provided addresses are not the responsibility of CoinLedger and will be your own loss.
  • Payments to affiliates are done via PayPal.
  • Payments may be requested once the affiliate account owner has earned $30 or more.
  • It is the responsibility of the affiliate to pay any applicable taxes over our affiliate payments, according to the affiliate’s country’s law.
  • The banners and promotional material that you are allowed to use will be send with your affiliate link. These are our official promotional tools. Any homemade media and/or other tools you want to use, have to be approved by us first.
  • False information or negative publicity will risk you being removed as an affiliate and/or a ban from CoinLedger.
  • Distributing negative attitude/messages about CoinLedger on social media, question desk and/ or forum, will risk your removal as an affiliate. As an affiliate you are expected to spread positivity.
  • Links to CoinLedger must have the attribute rel="nofollow" (If your are unsure what this is, please reach out to us to assist)

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