Simplify Crypto Tax Reporting For Your Users

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Stress-Free Tax Reporting For Your Users

The transferability of digital assets makes it difficult for any single third-party to track cost basis and provide holistic tax reports to users. CoinLedger solves this by integrating data across the entire crypto-economy to enable quick and easy tax reporting.

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Import Historical Data In One Click

With your wallet, DeFi protocol, or NFT project integrated into CoinLedger, your users can import and view their entire transaction history with the click of a button, track their cost basis as assets move from wallet-to-wallet, and instantly generate tax-compliant reports from their historical data.

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Integrated With TurboTax, TaxAct, And Other Tax Filling Software

CoinLedger’s tax reports can be imported directly into the tax filing software that your users already use including TurboTax, TaxAct, and many others.

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Let Your Support Team Focus On What Matters

Give your users a simple and effective way to automate their digital asset tax reporting. Offload the burden from your customer support team, and enable them to focus on higher value activities when serving customers.

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Add Value To Your NFT Community

Bring exclusive discounts and automated tax reporting to the holders of your NFT.

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What users are saying


I just did my crypto taxes with Voyager Digitals free tax tools. It took all of 10 minutes to complete IRS form 8949 all 263 transactions done boom! Thank you


You can import your 2020 Binance.US tax statement into @CoinLedger and receive 10% off their services by using the discount code : @CoinLedger

Learn more:


Using @investvoyager in 2021 and @CoinLedger ( in 2022 with Voyager was EASY... and FREE. I'll never use anything else. They have won my loyalty. I was dreading this tax season so much. They made it painless.

General George S. Patton

@investvoyager @Ehrls15 @CoinLedger
I just used the tax reporting and it was super easy to get a consolidated deliverable to hand over to my accountant. Thank you for making this happen.


If you’re a business owner or crypto investor and you’re starting to make heavy cash flow - here’s 3 platforms you should integrate your earnings with to stay compliant w/ IRS.



#Voyager and @CoinLedger (formerly CryptoTrader.Tax) are about to simplify your #crypto taxes 📒👌
Voyager customers will soon be able to use CoinLedger tools for their 2021 crypto taxes. Stay tuned.


While under the weather today & stuck in bed with awful pain 😒, I used utilized my time with @CoinLedger @CryptoTraderTax & got my 2021 trades with Voyager & CoinbasePro ready for my taxes. Am very pleased with their easy to use syndication! CSV files are generated & ready 💎

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