The 2023 Annual Crypto Tax Report

How many crypto investors are reporting cryptocurrency on their taxes? We conducted a survey to find out the answer.

In this Annual Crypto Tax Report, we’ll break down the results of our survey — and use the data to understand how crypto tax reporting will change in the future.

What Percent Of Crypto Investors Pay Their Taxes?

While crypto tax reporting rates have increased over time, there are still a large portion of investors who don’t report crypto on their taxes.
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Do Investors Understand Which Crypto Transactions Are Taxable?

Even investors who accurately report their crypto taxes have trouble correctly identifying taxable transactions.
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Why Aren’t Investors Reporting Their Crypto Taxes?

Many investors only report cryptocurrency when they have gains — despite the fact that crypto losses come with tax benefits!
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The survey was commissioned by CoinLedger Inc. and conducted by YouGov. The total sample size was 305 US adults (aged 18+) who own or invest in cryptocurrency. Fieldwork was undertaken between 12/2/2022-12/8/2022. The survey was carried out online.


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