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What can I buy with cryptocurrency? (2024)

What can I buy with cryptocurrency? (2024)
What can I buy with cryptocurrency? (2024)
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Key Takeaways

  • Crypto debit cards partner with credit card companies like Mastercard and Visa — allowing you to make purchases with cryptocurrency at most retailers. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are being accepted directly by an ever-growing list of companies in industries like tech, luxury goods, sports teams, insurance and even commercial space travel! 

What companies are accepting cryptocurrency as payment in 2024? In this guide, we’ll break down the places where you can spend cryptocurrency — whether you’re using a crypto debit card or looking to spend crypto directly! 

The easiest way to spend crypto: Crypto debit cards 

The easiest way to make purchases in cryptocurrency is with crypto debit cards. These cards work similarly to prepaid debit cards — except in this case, the card is loaded with cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH. 

Whenever a customer uses a crypto debit card, their cryptocurrency is automatically converted to fiat at the point of purchase. That means that customers can use a crypto debit card even if the retailer doesn’t have the ability to accept cryptocurrency directly. 

One popular crypto debit card is the Coinbase Card, issued in partnership with Visa. The Coinbase Card can be used with most retailers — it’s accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted! 

What can you buy with crypto? 

In recent years, many businesses have offered customers the ability to pay directly in cryptocurrency. Innovations such as the Lightning Network have significantly enhanced the efficiency and speed of crypto transactions, paving the way for wider acceptance. 

Here are a few things you can purchase with cryptocurrency: 

  • Luxury Cars: In 2023, Ferrari announced that it would start accepting cryptocurrency as payment. While Tesla has stopped accepting Bitcoin as payment, the company still accepts Dogecoin! 
  • Tech and E-commerce: Tech companies like AT&T, Shopify, and Twitch allow customers to make payments in cryptocurrency! 
  • Luxury Goods: For those looking to splurge on high-end watches and jewelry, retailers like BitDials, REEDS Jewelers, and Franck Muller allow customers to pay in crypto! Meanwhile, clothing brands like Gucci and Ralph Lauren accept cryptocurrency in select locations. 
  • Sports tickets: Sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings give fans the option to pay for tickets in crypto! 
  • Media Subscriptions: Media publications like Time have adopted cryptocurrency for subscription payments! 
  • Insurance: Companies like Metromile have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments. 
  • Movie ticket: Starting in 2022, AMC allows customers to purchase movie tickets online using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Space flights: Companies like Virgin Galactic allow customers to purchase tickets in BTC for commercial space flights. 

Looking for a business that accepts cryptocurrencies near you? Yelp now offers an ‘Accepts Bitcoin’ filter to help you find crypto-friendly retailers in your city. 

Restaurants that accept cryptocurrency 

Here are a few popular restaurant chains that accept cryptocurrency: 

  • Chipotle accepts more than 98 cryptocurrencies as a form of payment through its partnership with Flexa. This makes Chipotle one of the most crypto-friendly restaurant chains in the world! 
  • Burger King locations in Paris accept BTC and other cryptocurrencies through Binance Pay. In the past, the company has used cryptocurrency as part of marketing promotions — including launching its own crypto called WhopperCoin! 
  • Subway outlets in various countries have accepted Bitcoin since 2013!

What are the tax implications of spending crypto? 

Spending cryptocurrency on goods and services is considered a disposal of crypto subject to tax


Jaime buys $1,000 of BTC.

The price of Jaime’s BTC rises to $1,300.

Jaime spends his BTC on a new guitar.

Jaime recognizes a capital gain of $300 ($1,300 - $1,000).

When you spend crypto, you’ll incur a capital gain or loss depending on how its price has changed since you originally received it.

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