World, Meet CoinLedger

Today we are officially changing our name from CryptoTrader.Tax to CoinLedger. This rebrand marks an exciting time for our company: a new chapter in which we will begin to solve more problems than solely tax reporting for our users.

Third-party companies, protocols, blockchains, and NFT applications leveraging cryptocurrency technologies are emerging at an accelerating pace. Some call this new digital development Web3, others refer to it as the Metaverse. No matter your vernacular, keeping track of your digital assets across this new ecosystem is getting harder and harder. It’s quite clear that this trend is going to continue, and it’s going to be happening faster and faster in the years ahead.

CoinLedger is a company that sits at the heart of this problem, and we are excited to continue working with the entire community to reduce the friction associated with keeping track of your digital assets.

Where we began

Three years ago when Lucas, Mitchell, and I set out to solve the tax reporting problem for cryptocurrency users, it was difficult to foresee just how large, hairy, and involved a problem it would become.

CryptoTrader.Tax was born out of necessity. We set out to solve our own problems.

Over the years, the problem set has drastically expanded, and the data fragmentation problem that’s a result of the interoperability of digital assets is not limited to just tax reporting.

This has inspired us to reimagine our name, our identity, and our mission as a company.

Where we are going

Our mission at CoinLedger is to connect the Web3 economy.

We envision a future where the digital asset economy becomes orders of magnitude larger than the physical, ‘real-world’ economy. CoinLedger is building the data pipes to enable anyone in this new world to easily keep track of their digital assets—from tax reporting to accounting to portfolio management.

In the months to come, we will be unveiling new products that are built to help our customers better navigate the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Stay tuned :)

In the meantime - Welcome to the world, CoinLedger.