The 8 Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany
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The 8 Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany

The 8 Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany
The 8 Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany
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In this guide, we’ll break down the 8 best cryptocurrency exchanges in Germany — based on factors like user interface, fees, and security! 

Quick Look: The Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany 

  • Bitpanda: Best overall 
  • Coinmetro: Best for low fees 
  • Relai: Best for Bitcoin 
  • Coinbase: Best for Learn and Earn 
  • Bitstamp: Best for customer support 
  • Nexo: Best for staking rewards 
  • BISON: Best German-based exchange for security 
  • Bitcoin.DE: Best German-based exchange for Bitcoin 


Best overall 

Bitpanda is an Austrian-based exchange specifically aimed at European investors. Today, the exchange serves more than 4 million users across the continent! 


  • Beginner-friendly: Bitpanda is a beginner-friendly exchange with an easy-to-use user interface. 
  • Safe and secure: Bitpanda complies with European laws and regulations and works with external auditors to make sure that your cryptocurrency is safe. 
  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies: Bitpanda supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies like EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP! 
  • Large range of assets: In addition to crypto, Bitpanda supports additional assets like ETFs and stocks! 


  • Lack of advanced features: Bitpanda does not offer certain advanced features like staking rewards. 
  • Not transparent about fees: Bitpanda is not transparent about fees. While buying and selling Bitcoin is subject to a 1.49% premium, Bitpanda’s website says that cryptocurrency fees are reflected in the buy and sell price — meaning that it’s unclear how much you’re paying in fees! 


Best for low fees 

Coinmetro is an Estonian-based exchange that offers investors all around the world the ability to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. The exchange is well known for offering low fees as well as unique features like copy trading! 


  • Regulated and secure: Coinmetro is a safe and regulated exchange. Coinmetro works with regulatory bodies and financial institutions across the world to ensure security. 
  • Friendly user interface: Coinmetro’s interface works well for both beginner and experienced investors! 
  • Advanced transaction support: Coinmetro offers support for advanced transaction types — such as margin trades and copy trades (where you can mimic trades from experienced investors). 
  • Low fees: Coinmetro offers very low fees on its exchange — ranging from 0.0-0.1%. 


  • Limited cryptocurrency selection: Coinmetro offers fewer cryptocurrencies than other exchanges  — with just 55+ crypto-assets available.


Best for Bitcoin 

Relai is a Switzerland-based app designed to take the hassle out of buying Bitcoin. Since 2020, Relai has made it possible for investors all over Europe to buy Bitcoin without the need to submit personal information! 


  • User-friendly: Relai offers an easy-to-use mobile app that makes it a great choice for first-time Bitcoin investors! 
  • No KYC: Unlike other exchanges, Relai does not require KYC information! Swiss law does not require investors to submit KYC information if you trade less than 1,000 CHF per day or 100,000 CHF per year. 
  • Great for Bitcoin investing: Relai allows you to make one-time or recurring purchases of Bitcoin! 


  • Bitcoin only: Currently, Relai only offers Bitcoin — the exchange does not support other cryptocurrencies. 
  • High fees: Relai has relatively high fees — ranging from 1-2.5%. 


Best for Learn and Earn 

Coinbase is one of the biggest and most trusted exchanges in the world. The exchange is well known for its beginner-friendly features! 


  • Beginner friendly: Coinbase is a great choice for beginner investors because of its friendly user interface! 
  • Secure and regulated: Coinbase is one of the world’s most-trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase is licensed by BaFin and complies with German rules and regulations. 
  • Learn and Earn: Coinbase offers Learn and Earn — a feature that allows investors to earn cryptocurrency after watching short educational modules. 


  • Fees: Coinbase is known for its relatively high fees. Buying cryptocurrency with a credit/debit card comes with fees as high as 3.99%! 
  • Customer service: In the past, Coinbase has faced criticism for slow and unresponsive customer service. 

Learn more about Coinbase here.


Best for customer support 

Bitstamp is one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges — originally getting started in 2011! The platform offers low fees and is considered beginner-friendly. 


  • Low fees: Bitsmap offers low fees for investors — fees start at 0.4% and go down with additional trading volume! 
  • Advanced transactions: Bitstamp offers advanced features like limit orders and stop orders! 
  • Staking support: Bitstamp allows users to earn staking rewards on select cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Algorand. 
  • Strong customer support: Bitstamp offers phone-based customer support for users! 


  • Security issues: While Bitstamp is a trusted exchange, the exchange was hacked in 2015 causing customers to lose $5.2 million in Bitcoin. 


Best for staking rewards 

Nexo is a Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange originally founded in 2018. Today, the exchange serves more than 5 million users across the world — with advanced features like crypto lending and borrowing! 


  • Advanced features: Nexo offers advanced features — such as allowing you to borrow cryptocurrency and trade cryptocurrency on margin! 
  • Low Fees: Nexo Pro offers relatively low fees — ranging from 0.3 to 0.4%. 
  • Staking and Earn rewards: Nexo allows you to earn additional rewards on your cryptocurrency through staking and Earn rewards! 


  • Regulatory issues: While Nexo is legal and regulated in the EU, the company has faced issues in other countries. Nexo pulled out of the US after a $45 million fine. 
  • Limited crypto selection: According to Nexo’s website, the exchange supports 60+ cryptocurrencies. 


Best German-based exchange for security 

BISON is a German-based cryptocurrency exchange backed by a traditional stock exchange — Börse Stuttgart. BISON is designed to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies easy for Germany investors! 


  • Highly secure:  All cryptocurrency on BISON is held on GmbH — a custody provider and subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart. In addition, all cryptocurrency on BISON is protected by crime insurance. 
  • Low spread: While BISON does not charge fees, the exchange does earn revenue by charging a ‘spread’ between the listed price and the market price of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Advanced features: BISON does have certain advanced features — like charting tools, limit orders, and price alerts! 


  • Limited cryptocurrency selection: Currently, BISON only offers 10 cryptocurrencies to users — including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
  • Lacking customer support: In the past, customers have complained about BISON’s lackluster customer support. 


Best German-based exchange for Bitcoin 

Bitcoin.De is a German-based exchange designed to make it easy to trade and invest in Bitcoin. Today, Bitcoin.De serves more than 1 million customers across Europe! 


  • Highly secure: Bitcoin.De stores 98% of customer funds in cold storage. In addition, all of the company’s servers are in highly-secure data centers! 
  • Low fees: Bitcoin.De offers low fees ranging from 0.1-0.5%. 
  • Customer support: Bitcoin.De offers quality customer support through an online booking form! 


  • Limited selection: Because Bitcoin.De’s main focus is Bitcoin, the platform only offers support for a limited number of cryptocurrencies. 
  • Unfriendly user interface: Bitcoin.De’s user interface may not be intuitive for new investors. 

What to consider when choosing an exchange? 

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing an exchange. 

User interface: You should choose an exchange with an easy-to-use user interface. Beginner investors may prefer exchanges with a simpler interface, while experienced investors may be looking for advanced tools. 

Fees: Most exchanges charge fees when you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. High fees may be an issue if you trade cryptocurrencies frequently! 

Cryptocurrency selection: Before you choose an exchange, consider which cryptocurrencies you are planning to invest in. While some investors only wish to invest in a few cryptocurrencies, others may want to buy a wide range of tokens! 

Security: Cryptocurrency exchanges around the world have been subject to hacks! Before you choose an exchange, it’s important to look at your exchange’s security policy. 

Regulatory compliance: In recent years, exchanges like Binance have withdrawn from Germany due to regulatory issues. It’s important to make sure that your exchange complies with German laws and regulations. 

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