The Best Crypto Job Sites
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Best Sites for Crypto and Blockchain Jobs

The Best Crypto Job Sites
The Best Crypto Job Sites
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The blockchain industry is booming — and so is the blockchain and crypto job market. The global blockchain market is currently valued at over $3 billion, and is expected to rise to $39.7 billion by 2025. 

Factors such as venture capital investment, institutional forays into emerging markets such as decentralized finance, and the increasing popularity of blockchain technology across multiple industries has created a market ecosystem in which blockchain specialists are in high demand. 

Data published by LinkedIn reveals that blockchain specialization is the number one most in-demand skill in 2020, offering talented individuals a wide range of roles that offer highly attractive salaries. 

Finding a blockchain job can be a complicated process, however. The fast-moving digital nature of the blockchain industry means that traditional approaches to HR and employment have yet to adapt to the ways through which enterprise organizations and blockchain ventures engage and capture new talent. 

Rather than access talent pools through traditional agencies, blockchain-oriented companies often seek blockchain specialists through a network of various job markets and portals. This article discusses the most widely-used blockchain job markets online today alongside details on how much blockchain specialists earn and which blockchain skills are in demand. 

How Much do Blockchain Experts Earn?

The average salaries offered in the blockchain job market are significantly higher than the salaries offered in corresponding roles for other sectors. Blockchain developer salaries in Europe, for example, range between €55,000 and €91,000, compared to the average European developer salary of €26,000.

The income disparity between blockchain specialists and other industries in the US is even higher — US-based blockchain developers earn between $70,000 and $200,000, with an average salary of $136,000. Compared to the average US-based developer salary of $103,000, it’s clear that blockchain specialization is in high demand. 

What Skills are Required for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs?

The blockchain skills required to secure employment in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry vary depending based on the requirements of specific roles, but there are a number of common skills that are in high demand.

Blockchain developers, architects, and engineers must possess a robust understanding of data structures in an applicative sense. Blockchain developers, for example, are required to constantly innovate with regards to data structures such as merkle trees in order to meet the demands of the specific blockchain projects they work on.

Similarly, a blockchain specialist must possess a strong working understanding of the blockchain and blockchain architecture. Smart contract development is another critical skill that is in high demand throughout the blockchain industry due to the rapid rise of decentralized finance, or DeFi. Other high-demand blockchain skills include web development, cryptography, penetration testing, product management, and blockchain-specific marketing skills.

What Are the Best Blockchain and Crypto Job Sites?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency job market is driven by a number of online job boards and platforms. We take a look at the top sites below.

Crypto Jobs LIst

1. CryptoJobsList

CryptoJobsList is one of the longest-running dedicated crypto and blockchain job platforms online, and was launched in September 2017. The CryptoJobsList platform focuses on providing blockchain and crypto job seekers with a single site that presents all of the jobs currently available in the market, as well as offering businesses and blockchain enterprises a simple, easy way to access a broad blockchain talent pool.

CryptoJobsList is one of the most popular crypto jobs sites, and typically updates with multiple new positions and job listings every day. Users are able to filter crypto and blockchain jobs by remote, developer, marketing, intern, trader, community, design, sales, or analyst positions, or focus on specific skills such as Solidity expertise. 

Some of the companies that list jobs on CryptoJobsList include Circle, OKEX, Huobi, ShapeShift, and ByBit. The CryptoJobsList user interface is simple and streamlined, and doesn’t force users to sign up in order to apply for crypto jobs — applications are made through a simple webform that includes contact details, listing-specific questions, cover letter, and CV fields. 

Importantly, CryptoJobsList presents crypto and blockchain jobs in chronological order, with newest positions appearing first as well as featured jobs published by hiring organizations seeking talent fast. An application count informs users of how many other applicants have submitted their details to any given job ad, making it easy to gauge the level of competition for a role.

2. is a new job board, focusing on Bitcoin-only companies. The job board generally features jobs from Bitcoin companies in the exchange, mining, and media space. Jobs range from full-time to hourly.

No account creation is required, and the job submission process is free and only takes a few minutes. Job posters can have applications apply via email or by linking to the main job posting via URL.

Crypto Jobs

3. Crypto.Jobs

Crypto.Jobs is another highly active cryptocurrency focused job platform that presents a broad range of crypto and blockchain job listings. Unlike CryptoJobsList, Crypto.Jobs require that job seekers create profiles and log in to the platform before applying for jobs, which can slow down the application process. A benefit of this system, however, is that Crypto.Jobs is able to save the application details and CV of applicants that don’t change their CV often.

Like CryptoJobsList, Crypto.Jobs allows users to make unlimited applications and browse blockchain or crypto jobs for free, although there is a listing upgrade fee charged to businesses or organizations that want to screen higher numbers of applicants or feature their listing.

Crypto.Jobs is updated regularly and published detailed information regarding the performance of job listings, allowing applicants to determine how long a listing has been active and the geographic location of a role. The Crypto.Jobs platform doesn’t publish the number of applicants for job listings, however.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

4. is a blockchain jobs platform that focuses primarily on technical blockchain skills, and typically lists positions published by enterprise organizations or large-scale blockchain projects. The jobs listed on typically call for smart contract engineers, architects, technical leads, UX design, or C-level roles in business development, marketing, and sales.

The platform doesn't move as fast as highly active platforms like CryptoJobsList, but the positions that are listed are highly competitive and high-salary. Users are able to filter listings by design, engineering, finance, marketing, non-tech, operations, product, sales, and customer support, or identify listings through a tag system.

Like CryptoJobsList, allows users to apply without creating an account. Most positions listed on link users through to third-party application platforms, LinkedIn, or simply provide an application email address.

An interesting feature offered by is a Startups portal that allows job seekers to identify positions available with startups. also publishes curated job collections broken down by blockchain networks, internships, and jobs that pay in cryptocurrency.

Crypto Careers


Crypto-Careers is another tech-focused blockchain and crypto jobs platform that, like, focuses on technical blockchain job listings published by large-scale enterprise organizations. 

Jobs published on Crypto-Careers are some of the most highly competitive roles in the blockchain sector, and include listings published by Facebook’s Libra Blockchain project and major venture capital firms. While Crypto-Careers offers high-level blockchain industry jobs, the Crypto-Careers UI only lists five jobs per page on the main listing page, which can make browsing through job listings time-consuming.

The filtering tools presented by Crypto-Careers compensate for the lack of main page functionality, however, by allowing applicants to sort listings by the level of funding of companies, company size, stage, and industry, as well as geographic location or remote availability. 


6. Blockew

Blockew is a relatively new addition to the lineup of blockchain and cryptocurrency job sites and, while it does possess a number of user interface issues, it functions as a strong backup to the crypto job sites listed above. 

Blockew, similarly to BlockTribe, is focused on full-time in-house roles, with occasional remote job listings. Businesses and organizations that list on Blockew include exchanges such as Binance and Kraken, as well as ConsenSys, AVA Labs, and Gemini.

The positions listed on Blockew are primarily long-term roles such as frontend engineer, blockchain developer, strategic operations associate, regional manager, and marketing manager positions. Blockew provides extensive detail on listed positions, but it can be very difficult to determine exactly when a role was first listed and whether the listing is still active or hiring. 

Like BlockTribe, Blockew allows applicants to upload their CV in order to make it available to a recruiter search function. This makes BlockTribe a great option for job seekers that are looking for a passive job listing site that can be used in combination with any of the major blockchain job platforms listed in this article, such as CryptoJobsList. 

Angellist crypto jobs

7. AngelList

AngelList isn’t a blockchain or crypto dedicated jobs platform, but often lists blockchain startup jobs that are otherwise unavailable elsewhere. AngelList is a US-based website focused on the startup ecosystem, and allows users to either invest in or work with startups in virtually any industry. 

Startups seeking blockchain talent often use AngelList to advertise blockchain specialist positions that present unique remuneration — rather than offer as salary, many of the blockchain startups that list positions on AngelList offer equity share in their enterprise in lieu of fiat currency, or a combination of both.

AngelList allows job seekers to refine job searches by industry, keyword, and location. While major blockchain enterprises or companies don’t list blockchain positions on AngelList, it’s possible to find blockchain developer positions or other cryptocurrency-related roles, such as advisory roles, that offer significant equity share in startups that have already captured impressive seed funding. 

Upwork blockchain jobs

8. UpWork

UpWork is the largest freelancing job market online today and, while not specifically focused on any industry, lists a vast amount of blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs updated on a daily basis.

Unlike the other crypto and blockchain job sites listed in this article, UpWork isn’t a traditional job board — work performed through UpWork is applied for, tracked, executed, and paid entirely within the UpWork ecosystem. The UpWork system isn’t suitable for blockchain professionals seeking full-time roles, but does present blockchain freelancers with the opportunity to work on short-term ad hoc blockchain projects.

A major drawback of UpWork is the fees the platform takes from freelancers which, in some cases, can reach up to 20 percent of the job fee. It can also be difficult to identify reliable employers or engagements via UpWork, as fraud is an ongoing problem with the UpWork platform. 

UpWork is best used for short-term blockchain freelance projects for freelancers focused on building a portfolio or experience in the blockchain industry. 

Key Takeaways

The blockchain and cryptocurrency job market is unlike any traditional job market. If you’re on the hunt for a blockchain job, platforms like CryptoJobsList are the best source of new job listings every day.

It’s important to note that many jobs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market offer payment via cryptocurrency. Receiving payment via crypto can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to get paid, but it’s important to keep your crypto tax obligations in mind.

Cryptocurrency Tax Software

If you dispose of cryptocurrency you earn through a cryptocurrency exchange, it’s essential to track the various trades you make in order to ensure you are fully tax compliant and minimize your tax obligation. Cryptocurrency tax software like CoinLedger automates the crypto tax data collection process, generating simple reports that you can use as part of your tax strategy. 

You can learn more about how CoinLedger works here.

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