The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts (2024)
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The 11 Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts in 2024

The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts (2024)
The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts (2024)
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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency podcasts are a valuable outlet for enthusiasts and investors looking to get information from industry leaders. Whether you're in the car for a long drive or are simply looking to increase your knowledge and familiarity with the crypto industry, there is a podcast for you! 

Let’s dive into the cryptocurrency podcasts you should know in 2023. 

Quick Look: The 11 Best Crypto Podcasts in 2023

Empire: Best for general crypto knowledge 

The Pomp Podcast: Best for business and finance 

Unchained: Best for cryptocurrency news 

What Bitcoin Did: Best for keeping up with the Bitcoin ecosystem 

Bankless: Best for keeping up with the Ethereum ecosystem 

The Defiant Podcast: Best for understanding DeFi 

The ‘What is Money?’ Show: Best for understanding the philosophy behind Bitcoin

Tales From The Crypt (TFTC): Best for understanding policies impacting cryptocurrency

Epicenter: Best for technical topics 

The a16z Podcast: Best for understanding venture capital 

The Bad Crypto Podcast: Best for new investors  


Best for general crypto knowledge 

Empire is a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by Jason Yanowitz, founder of Blockworks,  and Santiago Santos, an early cryptocurrency investor. Empire bills itself as ‘a look behind the curtain of the crypto industry’. 

Empire features interviews with crypto investors, entrepreneurs, and regulatory experts as well as breakdowns on trending topics within the ecosystem. 

The Pomp Podcast

Best for business & finance 

Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp), the host of the Pomp Podcast, is a co-founder of the investment firm Pomp Investments. Pomp is known for conducting engaging and insightful interviews. Guests range from CZ (CEO of Binance), to David Kemmerer (CEO of CoinLedger) to Jameson Lopp, a cypherpunk. 

While The Pomp Podcast was originally focused on Bitcoin and blockchain interviews, the podcast has since expanded to cover other topics in the finance and entrepreneurship space. 


Best for cryptocurrency news 

Unchained (formerly known as Unconfirmed) by Laura Shin is a weekly podcast that aims to recap and deep dive into the biggest headlines in the cryptocurrency world. 

Unchained is a great podcast to stay informed on the most current happenings in cryptocurrency — whether it’s a breakdown of regulatory actions or discussions on what types of projects are likely to gain traction in the near future! 

What Bitcoin Did

Best for keeping up with the Bitcoin ecosystem 

Peter McCormack hosts What Bitcoin Did — a podcast designed to help listeners learn everything relating to Bitcoin. McCormack interviews a wide range of guests including journalists, economists, educators, and more! 

What Bitcoin Did is recommended for anyone who has a particular interest in Bitcoin, and wants to learn more about the different forces that play a role in its success. 


Best for keeping up with the Ethereum ecosystem 

Bankless is a podcast that aims to give investors the tools they need to become ‘bankless’ — or in other words, use cryptocurrency as an alternative to the traditional financial system. 

Hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, Bankless often features news relating to the Ethereum ecosystem and interviews with the biggest names in the crypto space. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has appeared on the podcast several times. 

The Defiant Podcast 

Best for understanding the DeFi 

The Defiant is a podcast hosted by Camila Russo that is focused on decentralized finance (DeFi), Russo conducts interviews on topics that dive deep in the weeds of how DeFi works  — covering topics like the best Ethereum Layer 2 solutions and governance issues for DeFi protocols. 

The Defiant is a great listen for investors looking to build knowledge about the DeFi ecosystem. 

The ‘What is Money?’ Show

Best for understanding the philosophy of Bitcoin 

The ‘What is Money?’ Show is a podcast hosted by Robert Breedlove. The podcast explores the history and the philosophy of money and how Bitcoin could potentially improve on the traditional fiat currency system. 

Compared to the other podcasts on the list The ‘What is Money’ Show is much more focused on big-picture ideas. The podcast can be helpful if you want to understand the philosophical implications of Bitcoin. 

Tales From The Crypt (TFTC) 

Best for understanding policies impacting cryptocurrency 

Tales from the Crypt (TFTC) is a Bitcoin podcast hosted by Marty Bent. The podcast features interviews with top influencers in the space — often covering macro topics such as monetary and energy policy. 

TFTC is a long running podcast, currently with more than 400 episodes.  Marty is known for having in-depth conversations with his guests — with some episodes being more than 4 hours long! 


Best for technical topics 

Epicenter is a podcast made for a more corporate audience with a rotating cast of hosts. Unlike other podcasts, Epicenter often dives deep into technical issues related to cryptocurrency. 

Epicenter tackles topics like transaction privacy, cross-chain swaps, and potential applications of smart contacts. 

The a16z Podcast

Best for understanding venture capital 

The a16z podcast is produced by a venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (aka a16z). This podcast will be for you if you're interested in venture capital funds and their role in the cryptocurrency industry. 

The a16z Podcast doesn’t solely cover cryptocurrency. The show covers all the different industries where a16z has investments including biotech, artificial intelligence, and healthcare. 

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Best for new investors 

The Bad Crypto Podcast is a show that helps new cryptocurrency investors understand and navigate the space. Joel Comm and Travis Wright host the show and discuss hot button issues in crypto. The show features a light and comical take on the industry that makes it easy to listen to! 

The Bad Crypto Podcast might be the best place for you to start if you're new to cryptocurrency.

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