The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts
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The Top 8 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Podcasts

The Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency podcasts are a valuable outlet for enthusiasts and investors looking to get primary information from industry leaders. Whether you're in the car for a long drive or are simply looking to increase your knowledge and familiarity with the crypto industry, there is a podcast for you! Let’s dive into the top eight cryptocurrency podcasts that you should be checking out in 2020.

Pomp podcast

The Pomp Podcast

Anthony Pompliano, the host of the Pomp Podcast, is a co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. This is also our favorite podcast on the list. Pomp is witty and informative. His podcast isn't only for Bitcoiners but for anyone interested in finance and the economy. Anthony has had almost all of the top business leaders from the cryptocurrency industry onto his show. Guests ranging from CZ (CEO of Binance), to David Kemmerer (CEO of CoinLedger) to Jameson Lopp, a cypherpunk. With over 300 episodes to choose from, you're sure to stay busy and get a lot of insight into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Pomp's podcast is likely the most influential one on the list, with the top crypto leaders turning out to the show. If you want to listen to cryptocurrency CEO's, then this podcast will be the best to start with.

Flippening Podcast


Clay Collins is the host of Flippening, which is a cryptocurrency podcast for investors. This is another one of our team's personal favorites. Clay is extremely intelligent, and his show is well produced. Here you will learn about the different projects on the blockchain that are disrupting traditional finance. If you're interested in the speculative price of a cryptocurrency, then this podcast is sure to hold your attention.

Flippening isn't a new podcast and is currently sitting on over 110 episodes on apple podcasts. If you have time to spare, you can sit in on the hour-long podcasts or listen to the daily crypto clips to get an overview of the news.

Unconfirmed podcast


Unconfirmed by Laura Shin is a weekly podcast that aims to recap significant news headlines and explain their importance within the crypto industry. She is one of the leading journalists within the crypto space. The average podcast is half an hour, which allows you to listen in after a long Monday. Laura has produced 130 podcasts, which comes out to be around 65 hours of insightful crypto content around the industry.

The podcast features a lot of news events going on in the crypto world. If cryptocurrency's main events are vital to you, then you will want to tune into Laura.

What bitcoin did podcast

What Bitcoin Did

Peter Mccormack hosts What Bitcoin Did with a smashing 235 episodes. The podcast aims to discuss previous events that Bitcoin has went through. Experts in the blockchain and Bitcoin field are routinely brought in to discuss the critical topics, so you don't miss anything in the fast space blockchain environment.

What Bitcoin Did is recommended for anyone who has a particular interest in Bitcoin, and wants to learn more about the different forces that play a role in its success.

Tales from the crypto podcast

Tales From The Crypt

Tales from the crypt is a Bitcoin podcast hosted by Marty Bent. Marty brings top influencers in the space and discusses a variety of different topics associated with Bitcoin. If you become a fan, you'll have over 260 episodes to catch up on and enjoy. This podcast style tends to run longer than most shows, with some episodes running over two hours. If you commute a lot, then his podcast might be one that you try.

What Bitcoin Did is the opposite of Tales from the crypt as this show tackles everything related to cryptocurrency, whether it is Litecoin or Etheruem.

Epicenter podcast


Epicenter is more of a corporate blockchain show as there are many hosts, including Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederike Ernst. Epicenter uniquely discusses different implications of cryptocurrency that other shows don't cover, like social effects. The podcast runs every week and features 300 episodes to keep you busy for a while. If you're on the fence about decentralized finance, then this show is perfect for you!

Epicenter will tackle the globalization of Bitcoin, and it's usability as it differs from country to country.

a16z podcast

The a16z Podcast

The a16z podcast is produced by a venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. This podcast will be for you if you're interested in hedge funds and their role in the cryptocurrency industry. With over 250 shows, you're sure to find something that you like. In our eight podcast list, a16z will be the best place to learn about institutional investing as they execute their thoughts regarding cryptocurrency speculation.

The podcast doesn't focus solely on Bitcoin, but rather tackling financial issues and ideas in the world.

Bad crypto podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast is a show that attempts to help new cryptocurrency users navigate the space. Joel Comm and Travis Wright host the show and discuss hot button issues surrounding the cryptocurrency space. The show features a light and comical take on the industry that makes it easy to listen in. They have an astounding three-hundred-episode podcast that fluctuates around an hour long. This podcast is helpful to start at the beginning rather than on the newest episode, unlike the others you've seen on this list.

The host duo might be the best place for you to start and learn the crypto ropes if you're new to cryptocurrency.

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