The Best Blockfolio Alternatives in 2024 (Expert Reviewed)
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The Best Blockfolio Alternatives in 2024 (Expert Reviewed)

The Best Blockfolio Alternatives in 2024 (Expert Reviewed)
The Best Blockfolio Alternatives in 2024 (Expert Reviewed)
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Looking for a Blockfolio alternative? Our team of experts compiled a list of the best Blockfolio alternatives on the market — whether you’re looking for a portfolio tracker or an exchange! 

Quick look: The best Blockfolio alternatives

Best portfolio tracker alternatives

  • CoinLedger - Best for managing your crypto taxes 
  • CoinStats - Best portfolio tracker 
  • Delta - Best for investors looking for detailed trade insights
  • Coingecko - Best for investors looking to add trades manually 
  • Kubera - Best for tracking crypto and non-crypto assets 

Best exchange alternatives 

  • Coinbase - Best for security 
  • Gemini - Best for accessibility in all 50 states 
  • Kraken - Best for low fees 

What is Blockfolio? 

Blockfolio was released in 2014 as a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. The platform was considered a convenient, user-friendly solution for investors who wanted to track the value of the cryptocurrency they held on multiple wallets and exchanges. 

In 2020, FTX acquired a majority stake in Blockfolio. After the FTX bankruptcy, Blockfolio is no longer available for users. 

The best portfolio tracker Blockfolio alternatives 

Let’s walk through the best portfolio trackers on the market. 


Best for managing your crypto taxes 

CoinLedger is a crypto tax platform and portfolio tracker trusted by more than 400,000 investors around the world. The platform allows you to track your gains, losses, and income across all of your wallets and exchanges and generate a comprehensive crypto tax report

CoinLedger can automatically import transactions from exchanges like Coinbase and blockchains like Ethereum. 


  • Blockchain and exchange support: CoinLedger integrates with hundreds of blockchains and exchanges! 
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting Report: CoinLedger can highlight the biggest tax-saving opportunities in your portfolio! 
  • User-friendly: CoinLedger has been rated as one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market. The platform is rated 4.8 stars on more than 700 reviews! 

Price: CoinLedger’s portfolio tracking features are completely free. You’ll only be required to pay to download a CoinLedger tax report. 

Get started with a free account today


Best portfolio tracker 

CoinStats is one of the most popular crypto portfolio trackers on the market with more than one million users! CoinStats allows you to track all of your assets — whether they’re held on centralized exchanges or custodial wallets. 


  • CoinStats wallet: CoinStats offers a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to buy and swap cryptocurrency and earn yield on your holdings. 
  • CoinLedger partnership: CoinStats partners with CoinLedger to help you file your crypto taxes. 
  • Free plan: CoinStats is free up to 10 wallets or 1,000 transactions. 

Price: CoinStat’s paid plan starts at $9.99 a month. 


Best for investors looking for detailed trade insights

Founded in 2017, Delta is a portfolio tracker with hundreds of thousands of users. The platform is often praised for allowing users on Delta’s Pro plan to receive data insights based on past transactions. 


  • Easy to Use: Delta has a user-friendly interface on desktop and mobile. 
  • Detailed Analysis: Delta provides data visualizations and trade insights for Delta Pro users. 
  • Stock tracking: Delta allows you to track other investments such as stocks and equities (though some users have said that Delta’s brokerage integrations are currently lacking). 

Price: Delta offers a free plan. According to Delta’s website, how much the paid version of the platform costs varies based on your region and location. It’s likely you’ll have to pay at least $60 a year for Delta Pro. 


Best for manually adding your transactions 

Coingecko is one of the biggest cryptocurrency data aggregators in the world. Currently, the platform tracks the prices of more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies! 


  • Web and mobile: Coingecko allows you to track your portfolio on the web and on the Coingecko mobile app. 
  • Manually add transactions: While Coingecko doesn’t allow you to automatically import your trades and transactions from your wallets and exchanges, the platform allows you to manually add your crypto transactions. 
  • Custom watchlists: Coingecko allows you to create custom watchlists for cryptocurrencies you’re interested in! 

Price: Coingecko is completely free to use! 


Best for tracking crypto and non-crypto assets 

Kubera is a wealth tracking platform that allows you to track all of your assets — whether it’s stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, or even the price of your website! 


  • Add different assets: While Kubera may not have the integrations that a crypto-specific portfolio tracker does, the platform does offer the ability for you to track crypto and non-crypto assets. 
  • Best performing asset: Kubera gives you the ability to see which one of your assets appreciated the most in your portfolio! 
  • Share your portfolio: Kubera allows you to easily share your portfolio with whoever you want — such as family members or a wealth manager. 

Price: Kubera offers a subscription service that costs $150 a year. 

The best exchange Blockfolio alternatives 

In the past, Blockfolio offered the ability for users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency through FTX and FTX.US. If you’re looking for a new exchange, consider the following options. 


Best for security 

Coinbase is considered one of the most trustworthy exchanges in the world. Today, the company has more than 110 million users and more than $80 billion in total assets on its platform! 


  • Learn and Earn: Coinbase allows you to watch short modules on the crypto ecosystem and earn rewards! 
  • Security: Coinbase is considered one of the safest exchanges in the world — Coinbase has not suffered a major hack since it was founded in 2012. 
  • Crypto rewards: Coinbase allows you to earn staking rewards and receive automatic interest rewards on certain stablecoins like USDC. 

Price: Coinbase offers different fees depending on the size of your transaction. The fee is $0.99 for transactions $10 or lower, $1.49 for transactions between $10-$25, $1.99 for transactions between $25-$50, and $2.99 for transactions between $50-200. 

According to Coinbase, fees for transactions above $200 are ‘determined by a combination of factors, including but not limited to your location, the selected payment method, the size of the order, and market conditions such as volatility and liquidity’. 


Best for accessibility in all 50 states 

Gemini was founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Currently, the platform allows investors to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency in all 50 states! 


  • Credit card: Gemini’s crypto credit card offers cashback rewards up to 3%! 
  • Spend crypto directly: Through a partnership with Flexa, Gemini allows you to spend your cryptocurrency on day-to-day purchases — like gas and groceries. 
  • Trusted platform: Gemini prides itself on trust, safety, and regulatory compliance. Because the platform holds a New York trust license, the company is subject to annual audits of financial statements. 

Price: 1.49% fees for transactions over $200, 3.49% fees for debit and credit card purchases 


Best for low fees 

Originally founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges still functioning. Kraken is considered a great choice for experienced investors looking for low fees! 


  • Future and margin trading: Kraken offers support for margin and future trades. 
  • Secure: Kraken works with an external auditor to ensure that the platform has Proof of Reserves. 
  • Low fees with Kraken Pro: Kraken Pro offers low fees — the highest that you’ll pay on the service is 0.26%. 

Price: Kraken Pro fees range between 0-0.26% depending on the size of your transaction. 

What should I look for in a Blockfolio alternative? 

If you’re looking for a Blockfolio alternative, you should keep the following factors in mind. 

User interface: Ideally, your portfolio tracker should be easy to use! You should try out multiple Blockfolio alternatives to see which user interface works best for you. 

Price: Keep in mind a target price range for your Blockfolio alternative. While many portfolio trackers offer free plans, you may want to consider paying extra if you’re looking for more advanced features. 

Security: Choose a platform that has a reputation for trustworthiness and follows best practices to keep your data safe. 

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